Market Bottom ALERT! I have 100% Proof!

 I officially have 100% proof that we have officially hit rock bottom.

No other indicators from NAR or the government have been as accurate as the proof that I have. I found a 100% correlation!

When My MOM SELLS, THE MARKET SKYROCKETS shortly thereafter!

The chart to the left is factual. Actual points when my Mom has sold her property.

The last arrow is from a recent listing which is now under contract. (see listing, check out the photos and collages).

So there you have it. No more need to think. I have always been against the NAR campaign that says “Buy Now, ” but now I can show proof that NOW is the time to buy! That market is going UP UP UP!

Thanks Mom, for taking one for the team and helping us all out by single handedly turning markets around!

For my previous prediction on the EXACT best day to buy, read my Market Timing post.

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– Written by Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker

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  • 2008

33 Responses to “Market Bottom ALERT! I have 100% Proof!”

  1. Gary Barnett Home Matters, Home Stagers, Indianapolis says:

    Frank, thanks for the good news. Be sure and tell your mom for all of us “Thanks”.

  2. Keith Goodman says:

    Thank you for the informative graph. Thats right we hit the bottom. The only way is up. Dont read the papers, dont listen to television. Give our props to your Mom. Thanks, Keith

  3. Deborah Burns ~ Seattle Real Estate Agent says:

    Your Mom is the BEST! : )

    Thanks Frank’s Mom!

  4. Mary Smartt--Smartt Moves with Mary Smartt says:

    Thanks for the laugh…and the tip. I’m heading out to buy right now!

  5. Karen Luke --- Stockbridge -- McDonough Real Estate says:

    Mmmm. Your mom looks so sweet.

  6. Kristi Ross Palm Coast/Flagler County REALTOR says:

    Thanks MOM!!! Love the graphic Frank….you made me laugh. I have the same problem…only with stocks not houses :-)

  7. Tchaka Owen says:

    LOL!! Your mom is the savior of the real estate market. I’m off to make tons of sales now.

  8. Matthew Rathbun ABR/M, ASR, e-PRO, QSC, GRI, SRES, Brkr says:

    OMG that is sooo freaky funny! What did she do just before the redskins won their last superbowl?

  9. Denise Allen Realtor@ Chesapeake says:

    Now if we can make this national news and get buyers moving that would be great.

  10. Tim Gilmour says:

    Too funny, It always rains within a week of me washing my car too…

  11. Patrick Johnson says:

    That is one of the best posts I have seen in a long time. I was actually laughing out loud! ( it remains to be seen if it is true since my mom/dad have recently put their condo on the market and they have the same fate as your mom! )

  12. Fran 'The Title Man' Gaspari TitleInsurer-PA&NJ Patriot Land Transfer says:


    Tell your Mom thanks and we owe her one!!! :) Thanks, Fran

  13. Bryant Tutas, Broker-REALTOR(R) Tutas Towne Realty, Inc says:

    This works for me Frank!!! Should we send Mom some money when the market turns next week?

  14. Ginger Foust- Dream Interior Redesign & Staging says:

    Sorry Frank but I think you’re wrong there. We just bought “investment” property and I absolutely, 100% know that the market will continue in a downward spiral for at least another year. It’s a omen that we try to ignore BUT we’ve never been disappointed…ha . 0-: Investment yeah right.

    Please don’t ask me about the logic of this. It’s logically emotional.

    OMG I sure hope your mom’s situation is the key and that she turns the tide for us!!!!!

  15. Susan Kleinman, Appealing Interiors, White Plains, NY says:

    Hello, my long-lost brother! You must be my brother, because we have the same mom. MY mother always sells right before the market goes up, too. Residential or Commercial, New York or Florida. She is a woman of diversified market-turning talents.

    Oh well, what they lack in timing, they make up for in love!

  16. Laura Gray says:


    What a gret post , now if we ALL could get our moms to cooperate in advancing their childrens caree like yours has. Do you think she would be willing to take a day trip over the bridge into Maryland to help us out ??


  17. Michelle Ewing - Realtor, Riverside, CA says:

    This is great news (well, except for your mom). I’m going to call my dad and tell him that his luck’s about to change!!!!

  18. FRANK LL0SA Va Broker- says:


    Yes, maybe I should include a Paypal DONATE button.


  19. Natalie Langford, Winchester, VA Real Estate says:

    Cute post. I’m sorry, Frank, but you and your mom look to be the same age!

  20. Doug Fritchie says:

    Hey Thanks Mom….Now I can turn all that depressing stuff on CNN off and rest assured that it is finally over…What a relief !

  21. Edward W. Lui - Georgetown Texas Real Estate says:

    Funny post, you always have a new way of looking at things. Time to buy!

  22. Dan Nesemeier- Weichert says:

    Who needs Case-Schiller when we have a seer in our midst!

  23. Bryan Penman says:

    lol… i think my mother has the same luck…. i dare not mention her name…. buy high sell low…

  24. Lisa Noon- VAR says:

    Frank, this is just too funny. Thanks for sharing your tried and true methodology with us. I’ll try it with a reporter the next time I get a call on home sales – ha!

  25. Jeanette Newton says:

    This is likely as accurate as the info we get from the media. It works for me!

  26. Dave Phillips says:

    Brilliant and funny! Also a great way to justify putting a picture of you and mom on the Buzz. Nice work Frank!

  27. Tanya Spotts says:

    I love your method and only wish more people could take advantage of this market and the great opportunities. My mom has been thinking about moving from PA., but isn’t quite ready to leave her friends.

  28. Lakym97 says:

    Hilarious :-D

  29. Daniel says:

    Nice seeing you last night….

  30. Anonymous says:

    If you did anything to steer her into selling now, I think she will be very thankful in a few years, Frank. Whether it conscious or not, I think you know she did the right thing. Of course it would have been better to sell a few months/years earlier. Nonetheless, she got off the roller-coaster ride before the next drop…

  31. Anonymous says:

    Can I get some props for my prognostication? I bet your mom is pretty grateful now.

  32. says:

    Yes, props to you. But North Arlington Detached homes haven’t faired too poorly. Too bad her money went into stocks!! Mighta been better in the home!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Oh man, that sucks. Sorry to hear it went into equities. I assume you mean long equities. I was mostly short in 2008 for anything in equities.

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