How Can Everyone be the “#1 Agent?” Me Too!

How is it that every agent seems to have some “#1” status or “Top 1%” on their website or business cards (Google #1 Realtor)?

Well I’ll explain it for you.

Sidenote: I gotta new gig. I’m weekly news correspondent for Inman News. Most of the videos will be agent focused, so I didn’t want to bore my blog readers, which are mainly home buyers and sellers. But this video transcends.

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Upcoming Post: I Just Bought a House, and NO I didn’t get a Good Deal.

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#1 Video by Frank Borges LL0SA
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13 Responses to “How Can Everyone be the “#1 Agent?” Me Too!”

  1. Janie Coffey says:

    One caveat, that number needs to be divided by the number of licensed agents in the team. Just my 2 cents…

    great blog (I do get a little dizzy though)

  2. Carolyn says:

    See what you’re trying to get at, but 1099 isn’t the way to go. That system will simply give the agent/investors, who may rarely, if ever, perform the functions of real estate agent for customers the award.
    … and will definitely put the new guy at a disadvantage.

    Seems the real estate industry is chock full of status seeking individuals. Who cares? Pretty much is a case of dressing up with no where to go. To me, the #1 agent is the one who:
    — the customer doesn’t need to turn on their bullshit detector around,
    — who doesn’t only have real estate friends because no one else will associate with them, and
    — who is more interested in their customers’ needs than snagging some meaningless award.

    If there was a way to get customers to vote with out opening the door for agents to pad their numbers (because they will), that would be the only remotely meaningful number.

    Personally, I think chasing after awards is bogus. My question to agents isn’t “Show me your badges, boyscout.” But rather “How well do you sleep at night?” Actually! THAT should be the ultimate award, the “#1 Sleeps Best at Night” award. Yes sir, now that’s a business generating award right there! Even I’d vie for that one! :)

    Keep up the good work, Frank!

  3. grnmach says:

    I think I’m #1 at watching you talk about being #1 and wasting this beautiful Sun. morning waiting for your airbag to blow up in your face! lol.. Well not really but that would be funny as hell.


  4. cara says:

    He who dies with the most toys wins?

    Wouldn’t the 1099 award always end up going to some broker in LA, manhattan, or honolulu?

    Congratulations on the house!!

    If all goes smoothly soon, soon we will join you in your mortgage-debt-dom.

  5. says:

    Hey Carolyn,
    REAL agent reviews is where it is all headed. Redfin does an amazing job of this.

  6. sms says:


    Your idea is not unique. The RE/MAX model has been using it for as long as I have been affiliated with them. All the RE/MAX awards are based on commissions earned.

    Personally, I think the thought process should go a step further and factor in commissions kept! Not everyone runs a profitable business!


  7. says:

    Hello SMS,
    Yes my ideas are rarely unique. I like to copy everyone.

    I like that idea (probably unique) to focus on profits. Maybe everyone can turn in their tax returns. Whoever pays Uncle Sam the most (for residential real estate stuff) wins.

    Please send me your tax return to 555 Oak…

  8. Hypatia Howard says:

    How do you keep the camera pointing at your face as you turn
    the wheel?

  9. says:

    I have it attached with a device that uses velcro to attach it to the wheel

  10. Hi Frank,
    What kind of camera do you use on your wheel? I’ve enjoyed watching you.

  11. says:

    It changes each time. Watch my video over on Inman comparing each of these super wide cameras.

  12. So what does it mean to the Consumer when an Agent makes the most commissions in one year? What does that mean for the Consumer. Is it relevant?

  13. Confused First home buyer says:

    I have no idea where to begin to find a good real estate agent that actually knows what they are doing. Any recommendation for me? I want to find a home in somewhere in Centreville, Herndon, Reston, or Chantilly. Thanks!

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