On Fire. FranklyRealty.com & The Agents

FranklyRealty.com is on fire, adding 5 full time agents (noticed I didn’t say “new,” we don’t take new agents) in the Va, DC and MD areas.

But also the agents are on fire.

I periodically do a search on the search bar of FranklyMLS.com for our company name: FranklyRealty.com. This lets you see in 1 click all of our Active and Under Contract (crossed out= UC) listings. Just one measure of how we are doing.

And this is what I was delighted to see:

  • – 7 out of 8 Under Contract. (it only shows Listings, not our UC as a buyer’s agent)
  • – The Days on the market was tiny for each one of them.
  • – Every listing had 30 photos. Seems obvious to put 30 photos, but do a FranklyMLS.com search for any company (or agent) and see if EACH (or any) have that track record.
  • What you can’t see in this screenshot is that most have a full motion walking video tour (some went UC too fast). Under 0.1% of agents do this, but here where “Excellence Comes Standard” ™ we do it all the time. (sorry for the cheese).

For those that like to poo on my parade by saying the “well they sell fast since you under price them“, you have no idea how many appraisal problems we have. (general blog post on appraisals sucking). And that is a good thing.

One agent from another firm told me “Why do extra like staging to get more? I just won’t appraise.” implying that she just knocks down her price if it doesn’t appraise. Poof., There goes $15,000, just cuz I guess we gotta match some random appraisers price and opinion. Not. Sure that is easier, but no thanks.

Instead of just acquiescing (nice word!) we pre-negotiate it into our counters or fight it if the issue comes up later.

We don’t just roll over like rover and say “ok, we will drop a Honda Civic in price”

And those that say just “For Sale by Owner it” (see post on FSBOers thinking they are saving $20,000), or go the Rebate/Discount route (see posts on Rebating, which is fine, but heck for me, “I used to rebate, but then I got good.”)…

I think getting you a higher NET (final amount after your expenses) is what matters.

Your thoughts?

Frank LLosa J.D.

Broker/Owner FranklyRealty.com

Photo credit. Fire image from Angela

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2 Responses to “On Fire. FranklyRealty.com & The Agents”

  1. Carolyn says:

    If you live from a place of laziness and run your business from a place of laziness, you will not receive your maximum income nor the personal satisfaction of knowing you did your best.

    The lazy agents who don’t want to bother staging are doing their clients a disservice by not getting the most money for their properties. I’m not saying an agent has to spend a huge amount of money on a modest property, but we all know there are things every home owner can do to stage his/her property better. And a little money can go a long way in bringing a higher price, so as you said, the net is better. It’s a win/win for you and your client.

    Perhaps this is a good tip for home owners in selecting a listing agent: Ask what their philosophy is on staging. The purpose of the question being to ferret out who is a lazy lister. What do you think of that?

    Thanks for writing a good blog.

  2. mike says:

    I’m excited to work with you when I’m ready to sell my place in the coming year.

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