Top 12 Best of Frankly Blog Posts

By popular demand, here are 12 of my most popular blog posts.  They’re oldies… but goodies.

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Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement. Don’t Sign Them… Yet.

What is it?  Why should the buyer care?  What does it obligate them to, and when is it smart to use one?

Go FSBO Save $20,000! Realtor Tells All!!! 

Like selling a Rolex at a flee market, fees might be lower but what it counts is the net takeaway. I find reality hits hard for FSBO’s that think they don’t always need a Realtor. Here’s a brief trip through my experience after helping only 300 FSBOs.  Hint: Ur Doin’ It Wrong.

FranklyCRA: A Comparative REALTOR Analysis.  Unleashed. 

In most industrues, you understand “the competition.”  Why should Real Estate be any different?  An agent’s track record explains why you should bring your “A” game against a team you’ve never seen play before.

Realtor Commissions. The great Hush Hush Exposed.

Is there a standard commission?  Is it ethical to set standard commissions?  What’s the deal with this, and why is it so expensive?

Agent Trick: “Buying a Listing” Vs No Recommended List Price.

To win your business, some agents will tell you what they want to hear. What will this net you? Nothing.  Here I pluck apart some of the oldest myth’s and realities in pricing.

Attn. Market Timers! The EXACT Best Day to Buy! 

The day you stopped caring about finding the bottom of the market and decided to live somewhere for at least 7 years.  Yeah, I know about that day.  Here is where I discussed whether or not it is all it’s cracked up to be.

THROW-UP listings. Do it “RIGHT,” Not “RIGHT NOW!” 

I get it.  Sometimes I can be a little melodramatic with my blog titles.  Here’s the thing: everyone wants to sell fast. But I can promise you that you will never achieve a quick timeline if you aren’t listing it right in the first place. Do it right, or don’t do it.  It’s that simple.

“Round Robin” Buying System. Unearthing The Desperate Seller. 

I don’t believe in a good deal. The best way to buy if possible has a simple formula: time and choices. Often those two are not available, so what do you do?

Realtor Rebates. Free Money or Expensive Savings? 

“I used to rebate but then I got good…at saving the client money.” $395 in admin fees: Junk or legitimate use of your money?

“Don’t Buy”? A Marketing Ploy? “I’m On To You Frank!” 

Treating a client like you would a relative, even if that means talking them out of buying, is my modus operandi. “…last week I talked to my cousin on buying a million dollar condo. I do that for client as well.”  If I can’t treat a client like family, why am I working for them at all?  It’s more important that you trust me (Ha.  “Trust Me.  I’m a Realtor!”) than getting to take home some cash.

MLS Data Fudge By Realtors. Watch Out! 

Here’s a reality check: Realtors fudge their numbers.  Bottom line: it’s unethical.  Here’s how to be aware of a home that’s being re-listed, be brand new and going to sell fast even if it’s been on the market for greater than a year.

Owner’s Title Insurance. 95% Buy it, 10% know why! 

Nobody tells consumers that the insurance is actually optional. Let’s talk. I am not saying “don’t buy it,” just a word of caution.



That is all of them, hope I didn’t waste too many hours. If you prefer reading in a book format, send me an email, I can send you one. And remember, never too busy for you or your referrals.


By Frank LLosa Broker,

Frankly Real Estate, Inc.

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  1. m.s.Wooods says:

    Love the comparison of selling a Rolex at a flea market to a home owner selling by owner. – Mike Woods

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