Innovator of the Year Winner Reflections

Inman Award
Inman News is the #1 organization tracking real estates practices and technologies (outside of the official Realtor association). In San Francisco last month they held their annual five “Innovation Awards” with five finalist in each category. I was shocked to be honored with two finalist positions. One was “Most Innovative Blog,” the other was “Most Innovative Web Service” for my wiki MLS

I “lost” both categories. I really wasn’t too bumbed. I was thrilled to be a finalist and I love the winner’s blog

But then the overall “Innovator of the Year” award was announced. This category did not disclose the finalist and previously did not include finalists from the other categories.

“Drum Roll” (no really they said that)… Shit! I won. I know it ain’t th e Oscars but it felt like it for a moment. Wow, they really like me.

So, I ran up. Didn’t say a word. Was in shock. Thinking “Do I say something witty or innovative?” Nah.

(side-note: Being so “innovative” and “green” oriented I refused the registration gift bag and 20 page glossy schedule and I stuck with the online schedule to save trees. Anyhow, the online schedule slatted the awards for 11am. The print version apparently said 9:15. For once in my life, I was very early.)

I even temporarily changed one of my cards to “I’m kinda a big-ger deal.”

But the ego bubble settled once out in the hall when a tourist saw the cute trophy and was like “What is an IN MON?” And my wife saw the first video (without the panning audience photo) of me accepting the award and thought only 20 people were in attendance (vs. 1500). Watch the video

YouTube Preview Image

(Thanks Ray from for the impromptu video.)

And then I sent out an “anybody wanna do a lunch” on twitter and got no reply. So, that helped bring me back down.

Anyhow, for the acceptance speech I never did…

Thank you Inman News (see article) for checking out my little ole company and really understanding what we do differently, or shall I say “innovatively.” I’d also like to thank my agent Lindsay for saying “why don’t you write all this stuff you tell us and share it with everybody”, blogger Ardell in Seattle for some early on motivation and inspiration, Ben Martin from VAR, and my georgeous wife for dealing with my 3am posts.

Make sure you subscribe to upcoming posts. I have about 6 more posts that I wrote while on a 38 hour flight to Africa with my wife. In the meantime here is a random Wheel Estate Cam on location in Africa with elephants.

YouTube Preview Image

Written by Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker

PS. I’m on the ballot for the NVAR’s 2010 Board of Directors. Voting is for NVAR Realtors only and through Oct 8th 2009. Please  Vote today (or tell your NVAR Realtor to vote) and spread the word in your Realtor office. For more details hit up

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14 Responses to “Innovator of the Year Winner Reflections”

  1. Jay Thompson says:

    Well deserved Frank!! (and thanks for the kind words).

  2. Ainsley says:

    I’m glad to see that your creativity, and tendency to “think outside the box” is being recognized. You tend to think even MORE outside the box than most, and I (for one) genuinely appreciate that about you.

  3. Matt Morse says:

    Congratulations, Frank. Now everyone knows what we already knew: you’re an trail-blazer.

  4. Matt Morse says:

    and now everyone knows I can’t spell.

  5. Congrats! Love your stuff.

  6. Congrats! You know you have my vote for the election. What next? The Nobel Prize…

  7. Jeremy Hart says:

    Congrats, Frank! I thought it was a little odd that you seemed kind of passive when you went up to accept the award, now I know – completely unexpected. Don’t know that we’ve seen a quiet Frank, before!

    Well-deserved, keep it coming …

  8. Terry Orie says:

    Congrats Frank! Definitely earned. Love your stuff.

  9. I think your blog is important. Perhaps much more than anything else in real estate online. I’ll keep watching/reading.


  10. Pamela Dritt says:

    I stumbled upon your blog while surfing to find info about selling my house in Concord, MA, and I’m glad I did! I’ve learned a lot by reading it, and I especially like the way you test out conventional wisdom with research and evidence. (Do I really need to paint the dark wood stained trim in my 1979 Colonial white, like all the realtors have said?)

    Have tried to subscribe by email last year, but this is the first post I’ve received. Wonder what’s up?

    So, Congratulations and Thanks for the informative blog.

  11. Congrats on the well-deserved win. Again, thanks for all you do not just only for clients, but distant colleagues as well.

  12. Cynthia Abela says:

    Amazing! You rock! Thank you for sharing and caring. The world of Real Estate needed you Frank. We look to you for up to date and informative news. Kudos! Job well done.

  13. Well deserved Frank! Congratulations!

  14. Doug Francis says:

    Thanks for making this stuff fun! Getting the Inman News award must have been really exciting but it has raised the bar a little higher for you. Of all people, you had nothing to say, amazing.

    Frank, I’m glad that you are a local guy and I have always appreciate your input when you have been in the room. If I had only listened to you 2+ years ago when you told me to start blogging… live and learn.

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