Does Frankly Realty Scare You? A Testimonial.

Frankly Scared Scared of hiring a smaller Virginia, DC or Maryland real estate firm?

For those of you that might be thinking “What or who is Frankly Realty?” and are

scared to pick a firm that only uses experienced full-time agents (go ahead, crank call any firm and say you want to start in a week as a part-timer and see how excited they get!”), this testimonial is a must read.

Background: This seller had experience selling several properties using “long standing, reputable firms.” But her latest home was listed unsuccessfully by 2 big brand agents for over 300 days.

Then Frankly Realty agent Cathy Poungmalai got the listing. Cathy suggested and helped with light rehab, staged it, used amazing photos (with a main photo collage) and several other techniques leading to “never a shortage of buyers,” 4 offers and this unsolicited testimonial.

    Here are the testimonial highlights:

  • “We'[v]e always used long standing, reputable firms”
  • “Your statistics were remarkable”
  • “[T]o tell you the truth, the fact that I had never heard of Frankly Realty scared me.”
  • “The risk certainly paid off.”
  • “4 contracts bidding against each other”
  • “I am certain Frankly Realty will become an exceptionally recognizable brand in the near future”

You can see a copy of the SOLD listing here:

Thank you Ms. Araujo for trusting in us and Cathy, and for sending this unsolicited testimonial (anybody can ask somebody to say something great about them right?).

And great job Cathy! The best part is that this letter truly represents your typical client experience. You constantly keep the mantra of

helping your clients get the most value out of their home, while balancing speed and a smooth transaction.

So fence sitters, I hope this helps. Don’t think that bigger is always better.

Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker and Owner

Fence photo by LancerE
  • P.S. Full disclosure back story: So as you might know, I hate it when agents manipulate stuff (like how almost every agent says they are “Number 1”)

    So I’m going to preemptively argue what you might be thinking regarding this listing and testimonial (heck, even if you weren’t thinking it). First of all, the two other attempts to sell this home were for a MUCH higher price.  One might easily try to blame it on price for not selling and not give credit to Cathy, who ultimately sold it. Sure price is very important, but those listings were not staged (at least what I call staging), and had horrible photos (albeit 30).

    Secondly, one might say that Cathy still had it for 60+ days on the market AND it didn’t get 100% of list price. Well, you can look up Cathy’s track record with listings here (did you know with you can look up ANY agent’s listing record, also known as a FranklyCRA?) and see that 90% of her listings sold faster, with the median being 13 days! The real amazing part was how she got 4 offers that all started in the low $600’s to come up to $657,000. That takes effort and skill and that is what really leads to satisfied customers.

    Remember, at, Excellence Comes Standard (tm) and this is typical of all Frankly agents.

    P.P.S. Cody, sorry for the delay since my last post, I had to step away to feed Hartly.

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5 Responses to “Does Frankly Realty Scare You? A Testimonial.”

  1. Gomathi Nagaraj says:

    Cool Blog Frank. Thanks for making it clear what are the advantages of working with smaller firms. Congratulations to Cathy for doing a fabulous job!!

    Gomathi Nagaraj
    Mantram Realty

  2. mike says:

    “numerous open houses” that doesn’t sound very frankly

  3. Jeff Royce says:

    Great job Cathy!

    Mike…Cathy doesn’t do a typical open house; she really does it up. I drove by one of her open houses last weekend and she had so many signs and balloons up that you felt like you were missing something if you didn’t stop. She gets a house a ton of exposure through a lot of effort. And more exposure equals a higher price.

  4. Venturion says:

    You addressed it, but I fail to see how price wasn’t the precise factor that got the sale done. The real issue here is an owner that paid $214,500 in 1998 and then chased the market down while having the bubble price of $719,000 anchoring her in the past.

  5. says:

    Tough crowd Venturion!
    That is why I preemptively gave you the contrarian view. Who else would do that?
    Ultimately there is no 100% “this is exactly why something happened.” Just like staging. People want guarantees. They don’t exist. And that stats that the staging industry give, they are BS in my opinion. But what we do does work, time and time again, and it nets people more.

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