New Business Cards

Just got my new business cards. I was bored of the usual, and everyone likes a cookie. They are Vegan too!


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  • October
  • 2012

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  1. Paul Reddam says:

    Go ahead – crack one open. Let’s see what they look like on the inside. Great idea.

  2. Hey Frank,

    Very cool! I assume the fortune has your contact info? Where can I get me some of those???

    Your buddy Bryan ?

  3. says:

    Cookie Image here

    Here is a link to the image of the cookie from the inside. Yum yum. Not sure I will have these around for too long.

  4. says:

    Can’t copy them just yet man! Give me a little time or else people will think I copied you. You can google it to find many places that do it. Mainly for weddings.

  5. Love these and have always been a fan of your fun cards! ;) We got creative with our cards that were featured on (designed by Joey Coleman – in Feb:

    Hope to see you around soon! ;)

  6. says:

    Thanks Melanie, and no that wasn’t a spammer (spammers tend to add links and I hate comment spam).

  7. Linda says:

    What a way to think outside the box, you not only teach but “do” thanks


  8. Tchaka says:

    Is your info easily stored by the recipient though?

  9. says:

    Sure, comes with a sliver of paper on the inside with my info. Did you see the comment above?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if I ate all the cookies and just started giving out the fortunes (my info) from the insides.

  10. Mike Gardner -Malibu real estate blog says:

    Bad ass site and I’m going to have to step up my game now that I’ve ben studying your ninja like marketing skills. Good job, Im a fan.

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