Exclusive Buyer Agency Contracts. Don’t Sign Them… Yet.

Update 9/2015 to this 2007 post. Frankly.com, the unique home search site will now be exclusively for the benefit of our clients after a 10 day no obligation trial, that means signing one of these contracts. Read below to better understand it, and watch this VIDEO on why.

What is an “Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement”?
This is a contract that a buyer is oftentimes asked to sign by a buyer agent Realtor. In part it commits the buyer to use this one agent exclusively for several months.

Why in the world would you sign (more…)

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PreMLS.com Hundreds of “Coming Soon” Homes in VA, MD, DC!

Update 7/10/2013 Just got PreMLS.com and have launched in 6 cities in the US.

The legend has it that once upon a time there was one book per real estate office that had each real estate home for sale. Likely updated MONTHLY! Then the data moved to computers, but only for agents to see, and then the data went online where the agent OR the buyer could check it WEEKLY for new homes.

Then consumers demanded faster, so Realtors got fancy and delivered¬†DAILY email alerts for new listings. That was earth shaking. But that wasn’t good enough. Sites like FranklyMLS.com started offering nearly INSTANT ALERTS for new listings. Beating out other buyers.

But now the time has come. To be even faster. Even more Instant-er!

Are we talking mere seconds? No. How about going Back to the Future and knowing what will be on the MLS BEFORE IT HAPPENS!! And in a large quantity! Possibly 10-20% of the marketplace one day.

How is that possible?

Consumers demanded it, so Frankly made it, and the Agent community embraced it.

A FREE agent-only (more…)

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Buyers! Don’t Skip Photoless Listings. Save $15,000

Punchline: Buy homes with No Additional photos= Save $15,000 on a $400,000 house.

Buyers LOVE seeing tons of photos for each listing online. I think Realtor.com said that listings with multiple photos get seen 6 times more than listings with 1 photo. The tendency for buyers is to see a photoless house and think it is garbage and skip to the next listing (more…)

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Attn. Market Timers! The EXACT Best Day to Buy!

 Frankly, the #1 questions I get are market timing questions like: “Have we hit bottom?” and “Is NOW the time to buy?” Well, after months of thinking and market analysis I’ve discovered the EXACT time you should buy, down to the DAY!

So you no longer believe the “Buy Now!” campaign from the National Association of Realtors. Especially since The New York Times quotes the former Chief Economist David Lereah as acknowledging he had gotten it wrong (more…)

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“Round Robin” Buying System. Unearthing The Desperate Seller.

Frankly, buyers say they want a good deal, but oftentimes they aren’t willing to go through the emotional roller coaster the buying process can put them through. A good Realtor will try to shelter the buyer from stress, but inevitably it is up to the seller and their threshold for being aggressive.

For the most part I don’t really believe in the idea of a “Good Deal” (more…)

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THROW-UP listings. Do it “RIGHT,” Not “RIGHT NOW!”

Ever heard the phrase “Hurry up and wait”?

How about the bastard cousin: “If you hurry up, expect to wait.”? Not as catchy?

Anyhow, the fastest way to sell a house is to slooooooow doooooooown and do it right from the beginning. A rushed job will NET you less and take 3 times longer (more…)

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60 Minutes: Redfin Saves $27,000 vs FranklyRealty.com Client Saves $152,000!

Last week 3 people texted me (or would that be “text me”)
saying “Turn on 60 minutes,” yet I missed it! (see it)

America was lured in by the… 20 year long regurgitated story “Attack on the 6% Realtors” and comments about “saving thousands.”

After watching such a biased infomercial, of course Redfin seems like a no-brainer. Well my blog readers have a brain (more…)

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Go FSBO! Save $20,000! Realtor Tells All!!

You’ve seen the magazine headlines about selling For Sale By Owner and saving $20,000! Well I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it! Other Realtors will hate me for it, but I think consumers deserve to know all the REAL options available. The inside scoop.

First the “facts.” Did you know that the National Association of Realtors, (NAR) the group that put out ads that say now is the time to buy and now is the time to sell (see blog) came out with a report that shows the average FSBO home sold for (more…)

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Realtor Rebates. Free Money or Expensive Savings?

This blog is supposed to be about the inside scoop on real estate right?

Well lets talk about a huge hush hush: Realtor Rebates!

Wow, I said it, and I put it in writing. A non-Rebate firm educating their customers (more…)

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