Redfin Increases Fees 50%. “Advantage” Leaves Off Seller Subsidy. Oops.

Update 11/2012: Redfin does it again! Congrats! First they increase fees by 50% (post below in 2009), then 3 years later in 2012 they cut their rebate yet again, this time almost in half for a typical $475k homes. A 0.88% rebate, down from the 2008 2% rebate. And there is no more firm-wide published % for the r ebate, so the % rebate continues to drop quietly (based on a $600k home in April 2012, vs Nov 2012). Nobody will be the wiser. Unless you follow my blog.

So I’m a big fan of Redfin. I love their MLS search engine (better mapping vs. my faster and don’t worry, they love a good debate, as long as they get link love (helps with Google).

This is a 2 part story. 1) Redfin Increases rates and 2) Fuzzy Math on Redfin’s “Advantage” calculation.

Part 1:
Many people might not know, Redfin two months ago increased their buyer agent commissions by 50% (more…)

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60 Minutes: Redfin Saves $27,000 vs Client Saves $152,000!

Last week 3 people texted me (or would that be “text me”)
saying “Turn on 60 minutes,” yet I missed it! (see it)

America was lured in by the… 20 year long regurgitated story “Attack on the 6% Realtors” and comments about “saving thousands.”

After watching such a biased infomercial, of course Redfin seems like a no-brainer. Well my blog readers have a brain (more…)

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