Cheesiest Realtor Slogan Contest

You all have seen them. You have rolled your eyes at them. Why are Realtor slogans so darn cheesy. And those photos on business cards? How did that trend start? Why don’t accountants or carpet salespersons have photos on their business cards? Oh and that photo that was taken 15 years ago, or taken at a GlamourShots… priceless.

So I’d like to salute the creative and ask for submissions for the cheesiest Realtor slogan

out there and in use (no made up ones please). Once we hit 25 people posting submissions or May 1st, we will issue a $50 Gift Card to Home Depot for the best posting. Either I’ll pick the best or pick a run off that will be voted on.

To start you off, I have found the following slogans:

  • “Doing Things For You Only #1 Can Do!”
    What the heck does this mean??
  • “We know where you live.”
    Wow, this one is gonna be hard to beat. This would creep me out!
Or maybe a Cheesy business card? Maybe I should give out cards like the one at the top of this post?


Please forward this to your friends if you think they would agree. But don’t spam them. Post the slogan here under “comments” or email me if you have a photo of the slogan in action. I don’t want to make direct fun of particular people so I will edit out their names.

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25 Responses to “Cheesiest Realtor Slogan Contest”

  1. AKSchodh says:

    We have “lots” to sell!

  2. Brian Brady says:

    Everything I touch turns to SOLD

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. tchaka owen says:

    Regarding photos, I don’t have a problem with pics on cards. But what I can’t stand is when a realtor uses a picture from 20 years earlier. I want a realtor who excels at the profession, not one who can double as a Playboy centerfold. I don’t care how good you look (or don’t look), just be yourself. Impress me with your work.

  5. Kris Berg says:

    Agent Name, Your House “Sold” Word

    I may be a little dense, but it took me eight years to realize that this agent’s name was supposed to be a “household word”.

  6. Rosie says:

    This is a real slogan for our local Realtor Association, printed on cheesy t-shirts: LOVE A LOT? CALL A REALTOR!

  7. Geoff in VA says:

    2 Words – “Mr. Arlington”

  8. Rhett says:

    Keeping it REALestate!

  9. Jamie Jackson says:

    Frankly gets ye more BOOTY. (Photo of Frank in a pirate outfit, with one foot up on a treasure chest.)

  10. Chris says:

    If I can’t sell your sh!t, I’ll eat it.

  11. Sara says:

    When Real Estate is the Question, (agent name) is the Answer

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    You can call me stupid, as long as you call me.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “For a home that’s a jewel, insist on [name that rhymes with jewel]”

  15. Anonymous says:

    “Listing and Selling for you!”

  16. VictoriaREBear says:

    “The Neal Estae Team, for Your Real Estate Dream!”

    Local Victoria BC realtor.

    “Get FRANK About Real Estate”

    Another Local Victoria BC realtor.

    “Condo King”. “King of Condos”. “King Condo”.

    Three Local Victoria BC Realtors.

    And Finally: “If You Can’t Trust Your MAH, Who Can You Trust?”

    Local Victoria BC Realtor named Gregg Mah. Really.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “If you don’t know EXIT, you don’t know JACK” – Realtor named Jack on the side of his H3.

  18. Ashley Drake Gephart - Realtor, Albuquerque, NM:Ashley Drake Gephart - Realtor, Albuquerque, NM: says:

    How about
    “I Sell My Listing’s 1st!”

    Well I don’t expect you to sell it 2nd!

    And another favorite one was “The Merry Realtor” her name was Mary and she had a Christmas wreath framed around her head on the card. She has stopped using it but if I can dig up an old card I will.

  19. Duayne Weir - Minnesota Real Estate Agent: says:

    Frank, Great idea, I will keep attentive and see what I can find.

    Good Day!! have a cup of java and a smile on me :) -how about that? is that too cheeseball?

  20. Dane Caldwell - 2 Hounds Design: says:

    I love ya Frank, no one on Active Rain can make me laugh like you do!

  21. hahahaha nice slogans you have there. how about this.

    “We dont just sell houses, we help you build your home” :)

  22. Jackie says:

    Okay, this one is just down right hilarious LOL

    “We’re not happy, until you’re not happy” LOL

  23. Carlos says:

    “House hunting wearing you out? Get yourself to the Jim!”

  24. says:


  25. David says:

    Seriously… there is a dork in Los Alamitos that has a slogan…. (his name is Granger).. that says…. “Why call a Stranger … call Granger!”

    Sorry but that is cheezy azz garbagio…

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