Letter to Bidding War Listing Agents: Why Pick Us. (Bonus: Testimonial from a Lister!)

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Dear Listing Agent,

You were sent a link to this post, because a Frankly agent has submitted an offer to buy one of your coveted listings. We understand you may have several offers, but we hope you will consider the reputation and technological abilities of our firm, as the agent might be just as important to getting a deal closed on-time and as promised, as the buyer’s ability to buy.

While our offer might not be the highest in price, it is realistic and likely the cleanest offer you have seen. Still undecided? If necessary, know that our use of technology also allows us get you a written and signed response to any written counter in 15-20 minutes, vs the average agent’s 3-6 hour delay. So what do you have to lose to give us a shot?

Here is a video testimonial from the listing side of a recent 5 offer bidding war that we won. We had a super clean offer, we did what we said we would do, we did not renegotiate, and we closed on-time.

Thank you for your consideration,

Frank LLosa Esq.
Principal Broker Frankly Real Estate Inc.

Attorney at Law, only in NJ

Client Case Study and Back Story:

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My buyers were US military¬†and buying sight unseen from China, they contacted me 100% from my website. They picked me over “another Realtor I was considering, he was really cute, but I like your spunk.” I wondered if I should be offended for basically being called ugly.

Also their last experience years ago with a Realtor was a bad one, a USAA recommended Realtor that they fired mid-deal (those Realtors pay kickbacks to USAA, thus newer agents gravitate to those programs).

They entrusted me to be their eyes and I took buyer agent photos and videos of properties to make them feel as if they were there. They loved this home and it was UNDER their max budget. The only problem was the 4 other offers AND they had a VA loan which is historically much more difficult to win a bidding war (the appraisal system is tougher and there is much less money down vs conventional 20-25% down buyer).

In this case our offer focused on clean terms, not on the highest price. Actually we were $35,000 lower than the highest well qualified buyer. Many factors led to us winning. Perhaps one was the sellers thinking I, the buyer agent, was courteous (see video). Another was how we write our offers to instill confidence and low stress for the seller, and lastly the use of technology. In this case text messaging, I was able to get a last minute text message to the listing agent that literally stopped the signing of another contract in its tracks. They pivoted and gave our client a shot and we accepted.

We proceeded to follow through and not renegotiate, like many wild offers tend to do, and we closed on time and in a stress free manner.

Just like this client, we are never too busy for you, hope you will contact me with the area and price you are looking in.

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4 Responses to “Letter to Bidding War Listing Agents: Why Pick Us. (Bonus: Testimonial from a Lister!)”

  1. Carolyn says:

    What did your text say? (The one that stopped the seller in his tracks from signing with a different buyer?)

  2. FranklyRealty.com says:

    I was trying to email them and call the listing agent and the assistant. With multiple offers many agents can’t answer their phones. The text is what broke through. It drastically changed one of the terms to more guarantee a smooth closing. It closed one of the loopholes that many contracts have. Can’t say which.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Nice work on your part!

  4. Short, sweet, & fish free!

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